Official documents, letters about Victor Lvovich Makarov
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Official documents, letters and memories of parents and former students of the pianist and professor Victor Makarov


    Professor Victor Lvovich Makarov (born in 1953) – Ukrainian piano teacher, pianist. 
    In 1998 together with his family Victor Makarov emigrated to Australia to work in Australian Institute of Music (AIM). 
    AIM administration invited him to move to Australia and granted academic scholarships to 5 of his Ukrainian students. 
    In 2004-2005 the Trial Court convicted him of sexual harassment of 4 boys in 26 cases of harassment (parents of the fifth 12-year old boy terminated judicial investigation in order to protect their son's state of mind). 
    The jury found Makarov guilty as charged in all court hearings. 
    Pianist Victor Makarov was sentenced all together for 16 years without the possibility of parole for 12 years. 
    He was registered with State Australian Register of rapists. 
    In 2007 for especially grave crimes his Australian citizenship was revoked. 
    In confirmation of the above see further the official documents: ( Report of the Commander-in-Chief, REVOKATION OF AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP). 
    In 2007 professor Victor Lvovich Makarov filed an appeal against all 26 convictions of child sexual harassment. Three years later   Makarov's appeals were rejected concerning most convictions.  However Makarov's attorney managed to convince the court of the appeals that charges of two victims should be reconsidered. It was caused by initial procedural error of the judge, who decided to consolidate the cases of two victims in one court hearing. 
    Thus 5-6 years later in 2010/2011 two additional separate court proceedings took place. For various reasons these two hearings were many times rescheduled. One of these two hearings finally took place for unknown reasons without the jury, and only one judge was making decision. Strange as it may seem, both court hearings were conducted without summoning all witnesses, and using incomplete package of state's evidences. As a result, due to absence at such additional hearings of sufficient proofs, the judge discharged pianist Victor Makarov on that count, which concerned exactly those two cases. Speaking about most of the charges served on Victor Makarov piano, his guilt was unconditionally proved as on every count of committed by him crimes of pedophilia. 
    By the law of Australia, in the absence of grounds, any additional attempts of appeal by Makarov are excluded. Child molester Victor Makarov is currently serving his sentence in the jail of A-2 category (dangerous special criminal) till december 2018. 

Victor Makarov piano pianist professor

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