Official documents, letters about Victor Lvovich Makarov
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Letter №5

I would like to address those who vehemently defend and try to declare Makarov, a pedophile,not guilty. What kind of moral monsters could openly stand by the side of a criminal and a tormenter of minors, whose guilt has been proven by the Court of Justice in Australia!

If Ukrainian and Russian teachers,who represent a national pedagogic system, think such criminal acts of sexual abuse against minorsarenormal, then is only one verdict – those people are sick too! It means that this human society accepted “this” as a normal behavior!

You, most of you, knew about this dark side of thispedophile“genius”when he still lived with his family in Ukraine. Some parents took their children away from his class without making any noise, and found them other teachers. Everyone at school knew that!!! Probably someone is just gone astray having believed the tales told by that pedophile. But this is his most usual tactic – to solve his problems by making much ado worldwide, and attract as many people as he can in his own web of defense. By deceiving public opinion he is continuing his criminal activity.

DO NOT be blind! Analyze the situation!

All pedophiles count upon the fact that it would be very difficult for their victims to prove to the court that they are guilty. Not every adult and especially a childwould have enough courage and firmness not only to withstand all the tortures of the pedophile, but also to live through all those nightmares anew, during the trials and cross-examinationsin the courtrooms.

I admire braveness of those boys who managed to send this bastard to prison, thosewho could not stand that filth no more, and deprived him of the opportunity to ruin the lives of other children.


Victor Makarov piano pianist professor

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