Official documents, letters about Victor Lvovich Makarov
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Letter №3


Makarov, and his brother paedophiles always try to create a positive image of themselves. They are often very charming people, with positive personae in their everyday lives - good neighbours, close friends, excellent husbands and good fathers. No one would even suspect anything untoward about him or her.

After court hearings and verdicts most of them admit their guilt, express regrets, some even commit suicide leaving this world, others are still trying to go on playing their two-face games.

This is what exactly is done by that notorious "genius" of classical piano teaching. He does not regret about any of his sins, even in the most aggravated sexual assaults of abusing of minors! This is where his uniqueness has been revealed.Well, not everyone possesses such manipulating skills, that can successfully be used against adults and children alike, that really loved him, opened their hearts to him, believed, and trusted in him for their higher needs.

Even from the jail where he is serving his sentence he proceeds with attempts to manipulate those people who are not ready (for whatever reasons) to admit the truth, which has been proven in court –Makarov is a pedophile and a criminal.

He uses any means available to him like, for instance, Internet, or the so-called «gipsy» mail using as the postmen those whom Makarov himself called underdeveloped not so long time ago. Currently, they are at his disposal (though there are very few of them).

Even now, he is still undertaking his last endeavors to manipulate them to form a public opinion by disrespecting the names of his victims, creating slurry of lies about his alleged “innocence and uniqueness”!

Yes, for a long time living in Ukraine and then Australia he has encountered many people, who have been influenced by his “magnetism” and his charismatic nature, that made them obedient to him, to his will (it is not surprising, that one of the victims in the first emotional minutes after the completion of one of the trials said that Makarov is not a human, he is a devil himself..).

Still, one Australian boy was not influenced by his “magnetism” to the required extent. That boy was the first one to unveil events and told his mother about the“very weird” behavior of his piano teacher. That “marvel of a teacher” could not persuade the Australian boy whom he told that «it» was a secret to be kept between the two of them, and he could not tell anyone about “it”otherwise he would become a traitor. As Makarov said later, that boy was very “stupid” and absolutely incapable of playing piano, and it was for that reason that he refused to teach him anymore. Well, the boy wasn’t «stupid» enough to let fear get in a way of telling his motherunlike other Ukrainian and some Australian boys. Moreover, he told his mother in detail what had happened. Afterwards, the mother and son left Makarov’s classes quietly without any excessive noise – many of his students did same before…

It was by a pure accident that this boy’s mother met the mother of another Australian boy, who was also a student of Makarov, and shared the news with her. Naturally, concerned, she questioned her son at once, who by that stage has attended Makarov’s classes for a few years, and found outthe shocking details of his studies with Makarov.

Everything started to unravel…

And when five students made statements to the police, (there were two Australian and three Ukrainian students) police officers came Makarov’s house and searched his computer database. In a couple of minutes the police came to the non-ambiguous conclusion – there was evidence confirming the statements and allegationsagainst Makarov – Makarov’s computer contained a numerous videos of gay pornography including teenagers and young boys. That was the start of a long-term investigation followed by three trials that finally connected the dots.

To the shame of another twoUkrainian students, who were by that time already adults they were not preparedto tell the truth at the court hearings. One of them was Makarov’s son-in-law at that time (soon he relieved himself from “family ties” and said that he would never have anything to do with that family again), and the other one was already so affected by the “germ specialist” to abuse children, that he himself was caught by his neighbours to be having the same “paedophilia intent”, which led to his eviction from his apartment.

For these reasons,during the court hearings they told the court what they were ordered to say by the “master” Makarov, and so did his wife. Talking of his wife Mrs. Makarov, it was not difficult to convince her to give evidence in favor of Makarov, rather then to speak the truth from her heart and conscious.

In the same manner she escaped from her mother with a “pervert”, because apparently she was governed not by the morality aspect, but the material benefits promised to her by him to give her in a ”fairy-tale land of Australia”. She could shut her eyes to a lot of things…almost anything.

But in the very first minutes of the debilitating news when the parents of the Australian boy and the victim himself confronted Makarov at his private home and “pushed him against the wall” by asking specific questions, he - the powerful and always seemingly strong-willed PAEDOgogue -suddenly, “shat into his pants” from fear and could not even think of a response. He shrank and kept stupidly silent. And during those same first moments of these shocking revelations in front of his wife (and it is well known that under pressure at this emotional moment it is just the right time to tell the truth), answering to the insinuating question of Makarov, «Do you believe in that?» her response, without hesitation -

«Yes, I do believe it, you cannot make such things up out of your imagination».

«Abusing boys was in my nature», this is taken from the article in Sydney Morning Herald.

The website An Australian Paedophile/ Sex Offender Registry registered him as a typical representative of such kind of crimes.



Victor Makarov piano pianist professor

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