Official documents, letters about Victor Lvovich Makarov
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Letter №4

Prior to migration to Australia from Ukraine, Viktor Makarov together with his wife and daughter decided to move into a tiny 2-bedroom apartment in a communal home, where the parents of one of his trusted students lived. Makarov was hiding from his mother-in-law, who was unwilling to let her daughterVictoria, and her granddaughter Katya leave to Australia with him. They’ve been having some serious quarrels on this subject.

And so for him and his wife to “save face”, he made up a story about his nearly blind mother-in-law. The story was, that the“old and marasmus”woman (exact words he used to characterize his mother-in-law) attacked him with her fists, trying to protect her wealth.

To everyone in the music school, where he worked beforemigration(Kharkov specialized secondary music boarding school), to many of his colleagues, to head master and parents of his students,Makarov dramatically demonstrated bruises on his hands and arms as a proof of the insanity of his mother-in-law. Under the extreme pressure and influence exerted by Makarov they believed that his mother in law is insane and that only envious people could resent him or be dissatisfied with such a great maestro (how he used to describe people that behaved towards him in this manner)!

Yes, of course, she, i.e. his mother-in-law, is evidently out of her mind… Everybody sympathized him and even felt sorry for him…

Thus, the inventive “maestro”got the sympathy he needed and was able to persuadethe tender-hearted parents of his student to give him and his wife shelter as refugees in their home, who providedthemwiththe very best they had.So, those parents hid them from the so-called‘remorseless beating’ of his mother-in-law.

They also helped Makarov to move his wife’s and his mother-in-law’sbelongings from the house. This“mission”, under the code name «XYZ», was performed during the night when the old lady slept in her room. She was practically deaf and almost blind (cataract) at that time. So the night was the right time for this “mission” of expropriation of the property. They took a lot of things from the house… They had to hide the belongings in a safe place and instructed the parents (who gave them shelter) to send the belongings in postal parcels to their future address in Australia when they would live there.Generally speaking the parents of the boys(there were 5 boys that came to Australia with Makarov) were always made to feel indebted to Makarov, due to his ‘genius of teaching’, ‘outstanding personality’, a ‘decent family man’, a ‘good father’, ‘a man of kind heart’, etc.…

He also “suggested” to the parents to visit his “cruel” mother-in-law, because he is so ‘gentle’ and ‘good-hearted’even though she is the ‘root of all evil’.

However, it turned out that there was another reason for the ‘disgraceful’escape from the home of his mother-in-law.

His mother-in-lawwas aware ofthe particularities of his "intimate entertainments" going on at home where they lived. She had already reported to local militia (police) stating that Makarov is ‘a very bad son-in-law’…But, in Makarov’s words, the militia are‘dumb’, so he managed to brush them offa couple of days before leaving to Australia - ‘the land of his dreams’.

He had all the documents and air tickets in his hands, and was very unwilling to chance an encounter with the ‘so stupid militia’. He knew that an encounter like that would not end well for him and would ban him from leavingthe country,after militia’s investigation. He realized that the intentions of his mother-in-law had become more serious and because of that hid from the militia in a small apartment (9 persons in a tiny apartment), beforeflying toAustralia with five students.

Some parents of the boys who left with Makarov later would visit his mother-in-law time to time. And each time they saw her, she had tears in her practically blind eyes and she kept saying, «my poor miserable Vita (Victoria), why she leftwith him! He is a terrible man, he willdestroy her, he will ruin her life…» The parents thought that thisold lady is out of her mind – everybody was aware of how much the poor maestro suffered from her tortures, as they rememberedall his supposed bruises, and that martyr expression on his grey face…So they tried to comfort her, telling her that ‘her daughter Victoria livesnow in a fairy-tale land with her beloved husband, they both have good career opportunities and so does her granddaughter Katya’,which she loved very much. But the old lady waived her head in negation, cried and repeated again, «Oh, my poor miserable daughter…»

During those times the unfortunate, and left-all-alone old lady did not resemble even one bitof the “monster” image that was created by her talented son-in-law.

In one of such visits Makarov’s mother-in-law gave them a handful of jewelry that she had reserved for her beloved daughter and granddaughter. She asked to send the jewelry to them because she thought they lived in poverty in their fairy-tale Australia. She loved them so much. Soon after she died, neither her loving daughter nor granddaughter, orthe son-in-law came to bury her, or to say the last goodbye or ask for forgiveness. Each of them found a valid excuse.

In 2005 when the truths about the perverted way of Makarov’s live, the ‘self made teacher’ from Kharkov, became public, we would also ask ourselves this - “What about the Kharkov secondary school of music?” “ What about its direction?” “How did the staff of the school,with whomMakarov workedso closely,did not know or notice anything?” It is so hard to believe. They just chose not to – life was much easier not confronting the‘issue’. And with the characteristics of Makarov, no one was prepared to interfere.That was quite clear.

Many people knew him quite well. They knew that every time a situation turned unfavorablefor him, in order to save his ‘image’ he would abuse them by‘flinging mud at any of them’ or finding a ‘skeleton in someone’s cupboard’ etc. He also built a strong wall of defenseusing the parents of his students, who stood behind him, defending his actions. Parentsalways heardthe same thing from their’idol’– “the other teachers and staff are stupid, they are‘mediocre’‘meaningless people” who just envy me because of my ‘talent and genius’.

This is what Makarov did best –knittinga web of intrigue, manipulating those who loved and trusted him, by using the sacred feelings of BELIEF, LOVE, and TRUST…

When he finally left Kharkov music school (10-grade school)nearly everybody breathed a sigh of relief, especially the headmaster.

Just before migration to Australia, Makarov had serious conflicts and arguments with him for a ‘strange reason’…. Makarov,in his words,alleged that the headmaster (teacher of brass instruments) envied him (a teacher of classical piano),his‘pedagogical genius’.

Surely, one would think that the headmaster had to be happy that such a talented teacher worked at his school, raising the profile of the school. Logically it doesn’t make any sense that the headmaster would suddenly become envious.

Makarov endeavored to persuade parents that the headmaster was ‘a village fool’,‘not professional’, and a common idiot…Makarov, by the way, gave those same characteristicsto anyone, who hada different opinion to his, anyone who suspected something «unusual» in his actionsand all those who would expressfor some reason any doubts about him as a genius piano teacher and the piano player in general…

During singing the papers of one of the boys that was migrating to Australia with Makarov (all five boys who left with Makarov’s familywere from the same school) the headmaster asked the parents of that boy a question, «Have you thought it over quite well?» The parents’ replied, «Yes, of course». The headmaster then said, «you will soon regret it very much». He did not say anything more…Given at this point in time, where the parents were led to believethat Makarov was a 'victim' of envy from the ‘grey and meaningless creatures’ including the headmaster etc., that warning of the headmaster was not interpreted in the proper context.

But when the parents learnt the ‘shocking truth’ about Makarov (it happened when the investigation had already began, and the children phoned home in the middle of the night from Australia), these parents approached the headmaster and asked him what he meant by those words earlier? What had he tried to warn them about?The headmaster told the parents that he did not know anything about ‘that’ regarding Makarov. The point was that Makarov was planning to occupy his headmaster’s position and that could not be tolerated by any means, because Makarov’s methods of teaching were NAZI-like, and he was concerned about what would happen to the school, and all of its students. The headmaster continued to explain for a long period of time about Makarov’s plots and schemes that he had invented to usurp him as a headmaster and to get him dismissed from office.

‘A good, kindheadmaster - savior of the school’.

The decision taken by him was quite strategic – it was better to sacrifice five Ukrainian boys to Makarov in order to get rid of him, than to lose the entire school.


In 2005, following the guilty verdict from District Court of New South Wales in Sydney, Viktor Makarov was sentenced to imprisonment for 26 sexual offences against 4 victims who were his students aged between 12 and 17 at the time of assaults.


Victor Makarov piano pianist professor

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