Official documents, letters about Victor Lvovich Makarov
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Letter №7


The following text is a replication of what was said during a talk with a former Crown Prosecutor of New South Wales (Australia). The prosecutor shared his thoughts and legal information about Makarov’s attempts of appealing to the Supreme Court of Australia about the cases in which he was already denied the appeal by the Criminal Appellate Court:

Makarov has no chance. Actually the decision of the Criminal Appellate Court is considered to be final.In theory there is an avenue of appeal to the High Court, but only 'by leave'. That means that Makarov would have to prove to at least two High Court judges that law principals of Australian judiciary system are unfair. He would also have to prove that there is an important matter of legal principle in the case that the High Court should decide for the benefit of all jurisdictions in Australia. Currently Makarov stays in jail and in these particular cases there were no such grounds or mistakes in Appellate Court of New Wales State decisions that can be considered a reason for getting this special permission for further appeal. Makarov and those who are loyal to him are just blinded by wishful thinking. I recon his lawyer is ripping him off, but I imagine his supporters are so determined that they will throw money his way. I can understand a lawyer letting the pay for the experience,

His lawyer can be understood – he makes it possible for those people to pay for their unique experience of being loyal to a pedophile. In other words, why wouldn't Makarov's lawyer get $80 000 if those people really want to save this «great pedagogical talent»? (The wife of Makarov, Viktoria Solomatina is trying to collect $80 000 – a sum which was demanded by their lawyer). By the way, speaking of the «great pedagogical talent». Many of his students now have to re-learn everything from the very beginning, they are trying to give up nervous playing, trying to overcome the blocked-hands problem and etc. His students are treated from constant fear and “on the edge”- state during piano lessons, like student is constantly waiting to be hit.


Victor Makarov piano pianist professor

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